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Alumni Memory Wall

(Harwinton, CT)

Some of you may remember showing in the old ring on the west side of Mallary and attending the Hereford Sale that was hosted in conjunction each spring. While others may remember purchasing their project for the year at the All Breeds Sale. Others may remember winning their first signature banner or getting fitting advice from industry professionals. While the memories may be different for everyone, the elite atmosphere was the same for all.

I remember coming to The Big East for the first time in 2008 with my 4-H Heifer. It had been a few years since we had anything competitive, so when we purchased my heifer the fall before after Louisville, we were excited to attend. I remember being greeted by a group of friendly faces at the check in table, none of which I knew, but they all seemed to know me. Over the next six years, we became regulars at The Big East, building relationships with other exhibitors that now have become lifelong friendships. Although, I didn’t win my first banner here, I won a few showing for other people.

As a youth exhibitor and now a committee member, I have been involved with The Big East for over 13 years. Over the years, I have made a lot of memories both as a youth showman and as being on the show management side of things. There is nothing more rewarding than watching today’s youth show in the same ring with the same opportunity we all had growing up.

Attending The Big East each year helped shape all of us into the showmen that we are today! In order to keep the show going for future generations, we need your help!

Here is your chance to make sure that this show is available for future generations to enjoy and show! Many of you, now with youth showmen of your own, know the importance of growing up in the livestock show industry and all the benefits it has to offer. Today’s youth are the future of New England Agriculture!

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(Northford, CT)

The Big East from it's beginning was always a show I looked forward to going to. One of the early spring shows you could get your cattle out and show against some great competition, especially being a Hereford breeder with The Big East being the Northeast Hereford Regional Show. Was an early warm up show for Hereford Junior Nationals later on that summer. The Big East has always brought in some great people both to run the show along with exhibitors and their families. Can't forget bringing in some of the top judges across the country to evaluate the cattle. To this day, I try not to miss the show if I'm in the area to catch up with friends from across the Northeast.

(Bozeman, MT; hometown White Creek, NY)

"Raised in the Northeast, high quality, family fun shows were hard to come by. Each year I looked forward to seeing friends while making new ones along the way. The Big East has provided a platform for the little kids in my family to have the opportunity to show close to home, while staying competitive and not sacrificing the quality."

(East Dixfield, ME)

Growing up in Maine, tucked in the very Northeast corner of the United States, certainly had plenty of benefit, however agricultural opportunity was not one of those. Having opportunities to compete on a nationally competitive level, under nationally recognized judges was a rarity. The Big East has allowed junior exhibitors in the Northeast region the chance to do this without spending thousands of dollars to travel to the Midwest or beyond. The Family friendly atmosphere and exhibitor friendly facility makes the Big East special event and attracts highly competitive exhibitors from all over the East Coast. Being able to have this exposure in the Northeast allowed me the opportunity to meet a number of successful people within the agricultural community, many of which became life long friends. I will forever be a thankful alumni of this top notch show.

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